Exsultate Iusti in Domino (Viadana)

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About this Piece

TitleExsultate Iusti in Domino
ComposerLudovico da Viadana (c. 1560 – 1627)
KeyA major

This piece is a choral setting of Psalm 32, as found in the Vulgate Bible.


The translation presented is as close to the Latin as possible; words not found in the respective lines are put in [brackets]. This translation is solely of the Latin Vulgate text, and does not strive for accuracy to the original Hebrew.

Exsultate iusti in DominoExult, just ones, the Lord;
rectos decet collaudatio.commendation befits the straight.
Confitemini DominoConfess to the Lord
in cithara:with the cithara: [nb 1]
In psalterioWith the psaltery [nb 2]
decem chordarum,of ten chords
psallite illi.play to him.
Cantate eiSing to him
canticum novum:a new song:
Bene psallite eiPlay to him well
in vociferatione.by [your] cry.

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